Better Workflow + Better Materials + Better Aesthetics

The Henry Schein Prosthetic Network (HSPN) is an elite group of dental laboratories that offer innovative products, technology and continuing education opportunities to their customers. These laboratories are carefully selected based on a number of criteria, including expertise in the digital workflow process. In order to become a member of this prestigious program, these laboratories must:

  • Utilize DDX
  • Provide a minimum of one educational program to their accounts per year
  • Purchase and use the most advanced materials and products, including Zirlux®
  • Adhere to guidelines that position these laboratories as pioneers in the industry

Please note that HSPN laboratories are working collaboratively with Henry Schein but are independent entities and not owned or operated by Henry Schein.

Transform your Practice Today with a Digital Workflow

Choose an HSPN partner to help you transform your practice by embracing digital and transform the way you care for your patients by providing you the necessary support to help you navigate the digital workflow.